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Experience A New Way
To Breathe

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Mini Aer

Great for bedrooms, nurseries, and offices.

Compact Portability, Travel-Size Mini Air Purifier

Purifies rooms up to 200 square feet


Triad Aer Go

Great for automobile, small rooms, and offices.

Compact Portability, Travel-Size Mini Air Purifier

Purifies rooms up to 300 square feet

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Triad Aer Pro

Great for both mid-large homes and offices.

Compact Portability, scalable Air Purification

Air Purifier

Purifies rooms up to 3000 square feet

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30-day-stress-free warranty

Reimagine Fresh Air

Breathing cleaner, fresher air has many health benefits that we often look past. Every cell in your body and every function in your body relies upon a constant, fresh stream of oxygen. If you stay indoors or in an air-conditioned environment for long periods of time, the same air can be breathed in again and again, causing the air to become stuffy and stale. Breathing in the fresh air can have a huge amount of health benefits…

  • Cleaning Your Lungs

  • Helps Digestive System

  • Helps You Think Clearer

  • Boosts Your Energy Levels

  • Strengthening Your Immune System 

  • Improves Blood Pressure & Heart Rate

Meditating Outdoors

filterless clean air 

Be Proactive, Be Better

filterless clean air 

Unlike passive technologies which filter out pollution when brought into close proximity, the Triad Aer air purification system tackles pollution proactively at its source and produces an optimal pollutant-free, healthy indoor environment. 

The Triad Aer filterless air purification system is the #1 unit sold at medical shows in the United States.

Improve your quality of life
and those around you 

Eliminate smoke and oders

Destroys viruses and bacteria

Reduce dust particles and allergens

  • Triad Aer Pro is best for removing dust, mold, smoke, odors, allergens, viruses, and more from the air.

  • Air Purification System thoroughly improves indoor air quality up to 3,000 sq ft.

  • 5-way advanced filtration technology. 

Triad Aer

Needlepoint and Pulse Ionization can diminish the dangerous ultra-fine, nanoparticles

Combines advanced photocatalytic oxidation with scalable purification

Electrostatic filtration makes use of static electricity to attract particles

Plasma like technology: when dispatched a stream destroys and deactivates viruses both on surfaces and in the air

Proactive technology

Other Purifiers

X  Use HEPA filters that can only filter out particles of .5 microns or larger

X  Basic HVAC systems that do not remove particles that can damage human health

X  Use multiple filters that have to be regularly replaced

X  Only filters out approaching contaminants

X  Passive technology (operates like a vacuum)

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Adult Living Facilities

Automobiles / RV's

Boats & Yachts

Catering Events

Cruise Ships

Daycare Centers

Department Stores

Fire Stations

Government Buildings

Gyms & Fitness Facilities

Movie Theaters


Places of Worship

Police Stations


Retail shops


Senior Centers

Treatment Centers

Daycare Centers


Office - Professional / Medical

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