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  • Actively destroys viruses, bacteria, or any other harmful element.

  • Operates 24/7 to enable its advanced technologies to eradicate all organic toxins and provide clean air.

  • Lightweight, portable, user-friendly, and purification coverage up to 9 feet.

Buy now, pay later financing

Free shipping on all orders

30-day-stress-free warranty

  • The Triad Aer GO is designed for small space air purification.

  • Use as a backup battery charger for your phone!

  • Remove Pollens and Road Dust (superfine rubber

  • particulates from tires that get into your cabin) from the air you are breathing.

  • Removes the particulates and gases that your cabin filter cannot.

  • Offers a short 15 Minute “super cleansing” boost.

  • Great for cars, RVs, hotel rooms, your office, guest rooms, boats, campers, kitchens, salons, or spas.

  • Use to get rid of that musty smell, nasty pet odors, litter box odors, cigarette or cigar odors.

  • Get rid of just about any smell you come across!

Reimagine Fresh Air With Triad Aer Go

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