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  • Personal protection technology.

  • Wear it like a necklace or clip it onto a shirt or apron. 

  • Particles will bounce off of you creating a shield protecting your breathing space for up to 4 feet.

  • Rechargeable and easy to use. 

Buy now, pay later financing

Free shipping on all orders

30-day-stress-free warranty

  • Creates a 4 ft. clean-air zone (ionized bubble)

  • Comfortable breakaway lanyard

  • Attach your own personalized lanyard for a fashion statement

  • Long-lasting – up to 28 hrs of purification

  • Rechargeable – lithium battery/recharge unit in 3-5 hrs

  • Convenient Purification – does not interfere with breathing

  • Supports masks, increasing efficiency exponentially

  • High-end gold-plated stainless steel collectors

  • Produces ion density of 50 million per cubic cm

  • Creates ion wind of 90 feet per minute

Reimagine Fresh Air With Shield Aer

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